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Donte Wilburn will inspire you, guide you, and teach you how to achieve success in all aspects of your life.



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Donte knew he was made for more and dug his way out of a seemingly impossible situation thanks to God's direction, hard work, and a three-step system. This book will teach you how to do the same.

for more.

You were made

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This mindset robs you of the chance to build a life you love. You hold the power to break free from your destructive thoughts, actions, and patterns.

for a negative mentality. 

Life is too short

Use Donte’s three-step system to avoid mistakes, overcome barriers, and transform your life.

Follow a proven method for success.

Encourage our younger generations by teaching them the techniques needed to succeed in life.

Awaken the possibilities.

Explore how you can join Donte Wilburn and continue to change the auto detailing industry.

Inspire greatness from the inside out.

Listen to people's encounters with Jesus on our podcast or share your own life-changing story. 

Explore the power of Jesus Christ.


bright future.

Take control of your life and build a 

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Strengthen your faith

Build a legacy

Take control of your future

Avoid the mistakes I’ve made

Now, I want to help you:

I’ve already achieved my success.

Build a life you love.


Choose to move forward.


Find your starting point. 


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by following three life-changing steps.

build a brighter future

You can 

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However, when following the path forged by Donte Wilburn, you’ll learn to achieve success in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Donte found that his darkest time was really the beginning of his best. This is because he became aware of who he was and what he was capable of, and created a system to get there. No matter how monumental the setbacks were, he never gave up. 

As the owner of several multi-million-dollar businesses, a keynote speaker, a mentor for our youth, and an associate pastor, Donte is driven to help others build lives they love and businesses founded in servanthood and trust.

Donte will guide you, inspire you, and most of all, teach you how to transform yourself into the best version of you—achieving success in all aspects of your life.

Many people function in a stagnant or negative mindset. This paralyzes them from making life-altering decisions because they can’t see beyond their present situation—no matter their age or profession.

transform your future.

You have the power to impact others and


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successful future.

Prepare yourself for a


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